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Widget Basics

APPLIES TO: EPM Pulse 2010/2013, EPM Pulse Online, EPM Pulse Data Mart

Widget is an element that displays reporting data on a dashboard using one of the predefined visualization types. Set of widgets on a dashboard is managed by a user. Users are able to make widget adjustments like changing position, size and appearance.

Managing Dashboard Widgets

Adding Widgets to Dashboard

To add a widget to a dashboard:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode
  2. Click the button.
  3. In the popup window click on a widget to select it
    Once selected, widget will be marked with a tick and added to the right pane.
  4. If the widget was selected by mistake, click on its name in the right pane to deselect it.
  5. Once all required widgets are selected, click the Apply button at the bottom left of the popup window.

Removing Widgets from Dashboard

To remove a widget from a dashboard:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode.
  2. Click on a widget.
  3. Click the button.
  4. Click Yes in the popup window to confirm removal.

Moving and Resizing Widgets

To change position of a widget on a dashboard:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode.
  2. Click on a widget and drag it to a new position.

To change widget size:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode.
  2. Click on a widget border and then drag border to resize.

Cloning Widgets

To create a copy of a widget along with all the changes made in its Settings and Parameters, click the button.

Widget Adjustments

Widgets may have additional properties which can be changed by a user. These properties are available for editing only if a dashboard is in edit mode. There are two kinds of these properties, we call them Settings and Parameters.

To access Settings or Parameters:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode.
  2. Click on a widget.
  3. Click the or button to open Settings or Parameters accordingly.


Widget settings allow to change widget's look and feel by changing its title, font size, font color, layout, etc.


Parameters allow to change, filter or transform data displayed in a widget.

Saving Widget

To save a pre-configured widget:
1. Open dashboard in edit mode.
2. Click button.
3. In the opened window define the Title for new widget, change description if needed and choose the Category to which it will be saved.

:!: Please note, that widget can only be saved to the same dashboard type. E.g. If you have configured a Tasks by Status widget in Portfolio tab, you cannot save it to any other tab - Project, Resource Pool etc.

:!: Please note, that this feature at the time is only available for EPM Pulse for Project Online. Also, it is only available for users with Admin role in EPM Pulse.

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