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EPM Pulse is licensed “per site”, i.e. each site collection or PWA requires a separate license.

Each EPM Pulse edition supports the following license types:

Trial Per User Unlimited
Over 150 built-in widgets + + +
Web-based dashboard editor + + +
Embedded dashboards + + +
Custom widgets - + +
Widgets pop up (widget-level drill down) + + +
Dashboard-level drill downs + + +
Private and public dashboards + + +
Unlimited private dashboards - + +
Unlimited public dashboards - + +
Watermark-free dashboard export to PNG or PDF - + +
Access to reporting data based on PWA security - + +
Unlimited number of users - - +
Installation on non-PWA site - - +
Portfolio Analyses plugin - - +
Price Free! Check price Check price

If you have any questions about licensing, please contact

Applying License and License Renewal

EPM Pulse Online

To obtain or renew a license for Project Online version, please contact

EPM Pulse On-Premises installation

To obtain or renew a license for EPM Pulse On-Premises installation, please perform the following:
1. Login to your EPM Pulse On-Premises using global administrator account or click button and select ‘Admin’.

2. On 'Global Administration' page –> 'Tenants' tab copy the ‘Tenant ID’ and ‘Project Online URL’ / ‘Project Server URL’ lines and send to

3. After you receive confirmation from, click the button.

Licensing EPM Pulse On-Premises installation without Internet connection

To license EPM On-Premises installation on a stand-alone server or server with no Internet connection, please perform the following:

Offline licensing mode activation

1. Open EPM Pusle Web Config File on your server for editing.
By default config file is located here:

  C:\Program Files\FluentPro Software\EPM Pulse\Web

2. Add the following offline activation key

   <add key="IsOfflineLicensing" value="true" /> 

3.Restart EPM Pulse Job processor.

License Activation

1.Go to EPM Pulse Global Administration page and refresh it (Ctrl+F5).

2.Click the “Download License Key” button and save the license file.

3. Send file to to receive the license activation key.

4. Apply the license activation key via “Upload License Key button”.

On-Premise installation prior version 3.2

To apply or renew license:

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Select the License option.
  3. Click the Upgrade License button.
  4. Select and copy text in the Product Data field.
  5. Send the copied text to
  6. Copy the license key from email reply from and paste it to the License field.
  7. Click the Update License button.
  8. Click the RELOAD link to complete.
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