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Known Issues

Please see below the list of EPM Pulse limitations and known issues.

Description Editions Affected Workaround Status 1)
It is not possible to install EPM Pulse to PWA that is not a site collection EPM Pulse for Project Server 2013 Install to non-PWA site and specify PWA as a datasource -
Installer asks for Reporting Server credentials in case if SSRS Integration feature is not installed EPM Pulse for Project Server 2010
EPM Pulse for Project Server 2013
Providing of credentials is not obligatory, you can skip this step by clicking Next button -
Users assigned to EPM Pulse roles via security groups cannot access EPM Pulse EPM Pulse for Project Online Add users directly to EPM Pulse groups Platform limitation
Master projects are not available in Project Filter in case if PWA Data Access Permissions mode is enabledEPM Pulse for Project Online - Platform limitation
It is not possible to use delegate as a synchronization accountEPM Pulse for Project Online - Platform limitation
Simple Viewer Web Part is not available on project sites or other SharePoint sitesEPM Pulse for Project Online - Platform limitation
Some embeddable scripts (like Twitter feeds) are not working properly in the HTML widget All - -
Issues with widget and dashboard sizes in case if page is resized with pinch-to-zoom in edit mode All - -
SSRS reports are not visible on PNG\PDF export All - -
Widget definition or dashboard fails to install when using Internet Explorer All Press CTRL+F5 to reload the page and upload the item again -
Images added via img tag into HTML widget not visible on exported PNG/PDF All Use Image Widget for embedding images into dashboard -
Information purposes only. Expected resolution dates may change.
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