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APPLIES TO: EPM Pulse 2010/2013, EPM Pulse Online, EPM Pulse Data Mart

Dashboard Toolbar

Dashboard toolbar is a set of buttons\links located beneath the dashboard title.

EPM Pulse Administrator

A user who can manage EPM Pulse settings (licence, widgets, etc.) and is able to view and edit all dashboards in the system.

EPM Pulse Author

A user who can create EPM Pulse dashboards and view Public dashboards created by other users.

EPM Pulse Viewer

A user who can view Public EPM Pulse dashboards, but cannot create dashboards by themselves.

EPM Pulse Settings

EPM Pulse settings can be accessed by clicking on the icon at the top right corner of the page. Settings menu is available only for EPM Pulse Administrators.


Widget is an element that displays reporting data on a dashboard using one of the predefined visualization types.

Widget Settings

Widget settings allow to change widget look and feel by changing its title, font size, color, layout, etc.

Widget Parameters

Parameters allow to change, filter or transform the data displayed in a widget.

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