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FluentPro Trending Integration

EPM Pulse can be integrated with FluentPro Trending for displaying historical Project Server data.

In case of installing FluentPro Trending in the environment where EPM Pulse is already installed, integration will be done automatically. To use historical data in the EPM Pulse install the Trending Widget Pack.

In case of installing FluentPro Trending before installing EPM Pulse, follow instructions below to complete integration:

1. Open PWA where EPM Pulse is installed.

2. Open Site Actions → View All Site Content (for Project Server 2010) or Gear → Site Content (for Project Server 2013).

3. Open EPMPulse Data Connections list.

4. Create a new item in the list with the following information:

Field Value
Title Trending
Connection Connection string to a database specified as the storage on installing of FluentPro trending in the format Data Source=SQLServerName;Initial Catalog=DatabaseName
CredentialsRef Secure store record with credentials for accessing trending database (To get the record name go to Central Administration → Application Management → Manage Service Applications → Secure Store Service and copy Target Application ID that starts with “Trending_TrendingDbCredentials”).

5. Install the Trending Widget Pack.

EPM Pulse Online

Once FluentPro Trending is activated for your account, install the Trending Widget Pack.

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