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Sharing Dashboards

APPLIES TO: EPM Pulse 2010/2013, EPM Pulse Online, EPM Pulse Data Mart

Private and Public Dashboards

By default all newly created dashboards are considered as Private and are visible only to the dashboard author. In order to make a dashboard visible to other users it needs to be marked as Public. To make a dashboard Public perform the following:

  1. Open a dashboard in edit mode.
  2. Click the Properties button.
  3. Open the Options tab.
  4. Check the Public checkbox.
  5. Click the Apply button.

To share a dashboard via email, chat, Intranet portal, etc. user can generate a permanent link to it as follows:

  1. Open a dashboard.
  2. Click Link in the toolbar.
  3. Copy the link from the Link text box in the pop-up window.

:!: In Project Online user has to be logged in into EPM Pulse to follow the link, i.e. user firstly should open the app via the link from PWA site.

PWA embed code

In EPM Pulse Online and Data Mart the Permanent link for Dashboard window also provides a PWA embed code (public dashboards only) to be used when embedding EPM Pulse Dashboards in PWA.

To copy a PWA embed code:

  1. Open a public dashboard.
  2. Click Link in the toolbar.
  3. Copy the code from the PWA embed code text box in the pop-up window.

Please refer to the How to embed an EPM Pulse Dashboard using Content Editor web part article for more details about embedding dashboards in Project Online.

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