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In this article you can find the steps on how to enable Audit Manager depending on the type of EPM Pulse installation.

:!: By default Audit Manager is disabled in EPM Pulse.

:!: Audit Manager is only available for EPM Pulse users with Admin privileges.

For EPM Pulse On-line installation

1. Open your EPM Pulse, click button and choose “Audit Manager” from the drop-down menu.

2. You will land on the following page. What you need to do next is to fill the form and click ‘Submit’. Our team will receive the request and make contact by the provided Email or Phone Number.

For EPM Pulse On-premises installation

1. Enablement of Audit Manager is offered by our team during the purchase of EPM Pulse On-premises.
If it is decided to use Audit, we will enable it in your license. No extra customer-side actions would be needed.

2. For existing users, who would like to use Audit, it will be needed to contact our team with the corresponding request.
Please use one of the following ways to do that:

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