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Configure Email Notifications

Email Notifications is a service that allows users to receive Audit reports on the changes made to specified entities. Notifications are sent per email according to the set rules.

Following the rule as on the screenshot below, as soon as any change is performed on Project_1, a notification will be send to The email will include a report where all the changes are listed as in the Audit.

Email Notifications section is to be found in Project Audit Settings. To access it, please navigate to Data ManagementManage for the needed connection → Project Audit: Settings

You can create a notification rule by the following steps:

1. In the Email Notifications section check the checkbox to enable the service.

2. Add a new rule by clicking the button

3. Fill in the necessary information:

Entity Name: name of the entity to be monitored (name of a project, field, resource etc.)

Entity Uid: specify the UID for the above entity

Note: Entity name is not required if the UID is specified.

Entity Type: specify the type of the entity to be monitored (project, field, resource etc.)

Notification Emails: specify the email address for notifications to be sent to (separate several emails with a semicolon)

Comments: provide a comment if needed

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