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This article describes how to configure Audit Manager to track changes in Microsoft Project Online.

1. To set up Audit Manager click Gear button and go to Data Management.

2. On the Data Management page click Manage button. In the expanded section click Settings button next to Project Audit.

3. Select actions that you want to track by checking the checkboxes.

4. From now on all the actions on the checked events will be tracked in Audit Manager. In order to see the changes tracked by Audit Manager click Gear button → Audit Manager.

5. On the Audit Manager page define time frame that you need to check and click “View report” button. Audit Manager report can be filtered by entity type and event type.

Additionally, report can be filtered by: Entity Name, User Name, Field Name, Field Value, Entity ID.

6. To check details on events expand the event by clicking on it.

:!: NOTE: Please note, not all events contain data on changes performed, e.g. Deleted, Activated, Deactivated. While events like Created, Modified will contain additional information.

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