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User Management in On-Premise installation of EPM Pulse

APPLIES TO: EPM Pulse 2010/2013

EPM Pulse supports 3 user roles.

User RoleAccess Rights
Administrator- View and edit any dashboard in the system
- Manage widget definitions
- Manage licences
- Manage EPM Pulse settings
- Create new storyboard
- View and edit any storyboard in the system
- Delete storyboard
- Export storyboard in PDF and/or PNG file
Author- View public dashboards
- Edit own dashboards
- View public storyboards
- Export storyboard in PDF and/or PNG file
Viewer- View public dashboards
- View public storyboards
- Export storyboard in PDF and/or PNG file

In on-premise installations EPM Pulse users are managed via SharePoint groups of the site where EPM Pulse is installed. To assign a role just add a user or group to one of the following SharePoint groups:

  • EPM Pulse Administrators
  • EPM Pulse Authors
  • EPM Pulse Viewers

:!: Please note, that you should have Site Collection Administrator permissions on the site where EPM Pulse is installed, in order to be able to add users or groups to SharePoint groups on this site.

To access SharePoint groups on the site where EPM Pulse is installed, perform the following:

  1. Click the Gear button and select the Site Settings option from the menu.

  2. On the Site Settings page click the Site Permissions link in the Users and Permissions section.

  3. On the Permissions page you will find 3 groups: EPMPulse Administrators, EPMPulse Authors and EPMPulse Viewers.

  4. Click on the group to which you want to add new users or groups.

  5. On the group page click New option.

  6. In the Share window, type user or group name and click Share.

:!: When you assign EPM Pulse role to a user or group user, licence will not be consumed immediately, user license will be consumed the moment user opens EPM Pulse page for the first time or when user sync occurs.

:!: In case you overrun license limits, EPM Pulse will continue functioning, but with a notification about license violation. To remove notifications unassign some users or groups to match the license limits. Please note that licences will not be released immediately and you may see license violation notifications for up to 24 hours after removal of excessive users.

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