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Internet connection is required for the On-Premises installation of EPM Pulse in order to install any of the packages from the Content Pack Management page.

Content Pack Management

Content Pack Management allows to install dashboard and widget packages, as well as demo and samples packages.

To access Content Pack Management select the Content Pack Management option from the EPM Pulse Settings menu.

Installing Packages

  1. Open Content Pack Management page.

  2. The Content Pack Management table presents all the packages available for installation.
    Version column shows the version of the package that is currently available for installation.
    Installed column shows if the package is already installed or not.

    :!: NOTE: If any of the selected packages is already installed, then installing it one more time will overwrite the older package.

  3. Select one/multiple packages that you want to install by checking their checkboxes.

  4. Click the button.
  5. Allow the system some time to install the selected packages, after all the packages were installed, the following information window will be displayed.

    Click OK in this window, to close it.
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